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Romance 🔥
The number of flames relates to the proportion of the story that is focussing on romance. 1 flame will tell you that there was romance, but it wasn’t the focus of the story. 5 flames and you’ll know it’s an emotion-focussed love story, with romance as the main storyline.

Spice 🌶
This one is all about the intimate scenes and represents both the quantity of scenes as well as how descriptive they are. Few chillis can either mean that there aren’t many scenes, or they aren’t very graphic. A high number of chillis will tell you that there are either a lot of scenes, or the scenes are very graphic. Note – I may sometimes give a book a high number of chillis for only one scene, if the scene is graphic enough (but I will most likely make mention of this in the review).

Violence 🪓
No hatchets will tell you that the book is completely lacking in violence. 5 hatchets and you’ll know that the book has a high violence content, probably with overt descriptions (but again I’m likely to make mention of this in the review).

Rating 👍
This is my overall rating for the book.

1 thumb – you’re unlikely to see this one, as I probably won’t finish a book that is headed down this path.

2 thumbs – I didn’t enjoy this book. There was likely something specific about it that put me off.

3 thumbs – I liked this book, but I didn’t love it. It may have been something about the story that didn’t grab me, or it might have been a good story with enough editing issues that it disrupted my reading of the book.

4 thumbs – I really enjoyed this book. It kept my attention and had me wanting to keep reading.

5 thumbs – I loved this book. It kept me wanting more and probably kept me reading past bedtime!

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