Untamed by E.M. Moore

Published: 12 April 2021
Series: Rejected Mate Academy Book 1
Pages: 372
Warnings: Language, bullying

Welcome to the school for shifter rejects…



Cast away by their mate, the renounced are directed to attend university together by the Pack Council to salvage what’s left of their shattered lives. The objective? Reform, impress, or get the hell out.

There’s no room in the packs for wolves who don’t conform. Who can’t breed future heirs.

With living feral, a.k.a. certain death, as the only alternative, the rejects need to win back their true mate before they’re banished from the packs forever.

The Rejected Mate Academy series is an M/F wolf shifter romance.

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I was intrigued by Untamed before I had even started reading, as my imagination was captured by what I think is a really unusual premise for a paranormal story. The plot is set in an academy for rejected fated mates. Makes you curious, right?

I struggled at the start to find that moment in the story that really caught my attention and it took a while for it to happen. It didn’t help that I really didn’t like our main man, Jonah. There really is nothing in the way of redeeming attributes, at all, to start with. And considering that I liked the main female character, Kinsey, pretty much from page one, Jonah really had to work hard to get me on side. But we got there. (I was a huge fan by the end!)

The main issue is that Jonah and Kinsey are fated mates, but Jonah has ‘rejected’ her. And if one mate rejects the other, the rejected mate has no choice but to attend the Rejected Mate Academy, with all of the other rejected mates. The goal is to teach the rejected mate to be more acceptable, so that their fated mate will accept them. But if they can’t get to that point, then the rejected mate will be banished from their wolf pack. (I’m not giving the story away here – this is shared really early.)

I found myself drawn into Kinsey’s emotions right from page one, where she shares not just the extreme sadness that she is feeling, but also the all-encompassing rage. She is a very strong character, and we see this very early. The story begins with her being heartbroken and scared, but at the same trying trying to remain stoic. I found her very relatable and wanting to know what happened to her was the main thing that was drawing me in at the start.

Once we started getting to know a few of the other residents of the Rejected Mate Academy, the story really took off for me. I liked them all. Each character was interesting in their own way and I wanted to know more about them, as each was given the opportunity to start establishing their own personalities.

I eventually found myself softening towards Jonah, too. (Turns out he’s not such a bad guy – who knew?) By the end, I was a total Jonah fan. He is in a very difficult position and doing the best he can. At the start that has him wearing the ‘bad guy’ hat, but by the end his hat is well and truly white.

And for those of you who are a fan of a bit of werewolf action in your stories, you’ll enjoy this one. There is plenty here to keep you interested. I really enjoy how E.M. Moore describes the feelings and emotions of the werewolf side of Kinsey, and the interactions of the wolves in the pack really jumped off the page to me.

This is book one of the Rejected Mate Academy series & I’m looking forward to seeing who gets the next story!

Thank you to Affinity Author Services and E.M. Moore for my copy of this ebook.

E. M. Moore is a USA Today Bestselling author of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance. She’s drawn to write within the teen and college-aged years where her characters get knocked on their asses, torn inside out, and put back together again by their first loves. Whether it’s in a fantastical setting where human guards protect the creatures of the night or a realistic high school backdrop where social cliques rule the halls, the emotions are the same. Dark. Twisty. Angsty. Raw.

When Erin’s not writing, you can find her dreaming up vacations for her family, watching murder mystery shows, or dancing in her kitchen while she pretends to cook.

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