Billionaire Unexpected-Jax by J.S. Scott – Book review

Published: 2 March 2021
Series: The Billionaire’s Obsession #16
Pages: 196
Warnings: Language, kidnap, prior sexual assault

I never expected the man I saw as nothing but a billionaire player to be the only person who could rescue me from near insanity.

One moment, everything was perfect.

I was finally Dr. Harlow Lewis, research geoscientist, and I was actually employed at Montgomery Mining Laboratories, the crème de la crème of labs for my specialty.  I also had good friends, a supportive parent, and a budding relationship with a great guy.  Add all of those things together and it was impossible for my existence to be anything less than ideal.  

I had exactly the life I’d always wanted, until it…wasn’t. 
I guess I never realized that brief periods of perfection could instantly be followed by a nine day, horrific hostage situation that would forever change the woman I’d been before that incident.

Oddly, after my release, the only person who knew that I was struggling to get my life back was Jaxton Montgomery, my billionaire boss, and the king of one-nighters . Not exactly the perfect confidante, right?  The two of us barely spoke unless it was company business, especially after I’d turned down a date with him two years earlier.  What rational female would want to have dinner with a man who was known for his one-and-done dating behavior?

Maybe Jax wasn’t the guy I would have chosen to be the person who would drag me out of the darkness and back into life again, but he was the only one stubborn enough to do it.  He systematically broke down all of defenses until I reached out and clung to him like he was the only lifeline I had.  

It wasn’t until I got to know him that I realized that Jax was so much more than the playboy he was portrayed to be in the gossip columns. 
He was patient, he didn’t judge, and he had a wicked sense of humor.  Even stranger, he understood what I was going through, even when I didn’t understand it myself.  

Unfortunately, he was also the hottest guy I’d ever met, and as our bizarre friends-but-not-really-friends relationship continued, it was getting harder and harder to fight the intense chemistry between the two of us.  

What happens when a guy you thoroughly disliked just a few months ago suddenly becomes your everything?
Jax had helped me claw my way back into my life, but was I brave enough to risk everything all over again to keep the one man I’d always wanted but could never have?  

Billionaire Unexpected book cover

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Billionaire Unexpected – Jax starts off at high intensity and doesn’t really come down again. Harlow, our female lead, is being held prisoner by rebels and it has been 9 days. We don’t have to wait long to find out that she has been rescued, but that is really here the story starts. We then join Harlow on her journey to recovery, with Jax Montgomery at her side to help her get through. This book has once again proven to me why I keep J.S. Scott on my ‘automatic read’ list. I’m yet to read one of her books that I haven’t loved!

Jax is a billionaire businessman and Harlow’s employer. But he also is a former member of the special forces and has had his own share of difficulties in the past. Jax takes on the role of advisor to Harlow, spending all of his spare time with her to help get her through the anxiety that has been getting progressively worse since her release. Harlow is a strong woman, but she needs help to get back on track and out of the pit of despair that she has fallen into.

Harlow struggles to accept Jax at first. They have a history – short though it was. Some time ago, Jax had asked Harlow out on a date, but she had laughed in his face and refused. Jax doesn’t let this get in the way of wanting to help her, but Harlow can’t forget. Jax has a reputation as a womaniser and serial dater and because of this, she doesn’t trust him. But she eventually gives him a chance, and from there, their friendship begins to grow. And eventually romance follows.

Jax is a strong, sensitive character, who isn’t scared to show his softer side. I found his character to be very relatable. I loved the way he treated Harlow, too. He coaxed and guided, gently leading her in the direction she needed to go, but he was never heavy handed or overbearing. And once the romance between the two of them started to bloom, I really enjoyed the relationship between the two of them.

I struggled a little with what ‘violence’ rating to give this book. There are references to violent occurrences that had happened in the past, but they are just events being talked about or dreamed about – they aren’t really described. Even at the start, where Harlow is still a prisoner, the event itself of kidnap is violent but the descriptions aren’t. So, I gave it a rating of no hatchets, but I’m adding this bit instead so that you’re aware that these themes are part of the story.

Billionaire Unexpected moves through grief, trauma, tragedy, healing, the growth of a friendship into eventual love and a whole lot of other emotions along the way (including some puppy love – Molly sounds cute!). I thoroughly enjoyed this book – enough that I’ve already started reading it again for a second time, which is almost unheard of for me. Billionaire Unexpected is #16 in the Billionaire’s Obsession series, but you can definitely read it as a stand alone (but why would you want to? They’re all this good!).

Thank you to the author J.S. Scott for sharing a copy of this e-book with me.

Pink speckled background with a hearts border. Ratings of 5 flames for romance, 4 for spice and 5 thumbs up overall rating.

J.S. Scott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance. She’s an avid reader of all types of books and literature. Writing what she loves to read, J.S. Scott writes both contemporary erotic romance stories and paranormal romance erotics. They almost always feature an Alpha Male and have a happily ever after because she just can’t seem to write them any other way! She lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her husband and two very spoiled German Shepherds.

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