The Curacao Christmas by Lisa Chalmers – Book review

Published: 18th December 2020
Series: N/A
Pages: 307
Warnings: N/A

What could be better than two weeks on a beach with your best friend?

Absolutely nothing.

But when one drink too many leads to a little drunken confession, is Abbie ready to risk it all?

Abbie’s had a crush on her best friend Lucas for as long as she can remember. But she’s also aware of how he tends to go through relationships and she doesn’t ever want to be just another fling to him.

Lucas has always secretly compared every single female in his life to Abbie. And when he’s offered a chance to spend Christmas in Curacao, there’s no one else he’d rather spend time with than his best friend.

Can he finally break through the friendzone they’ve found themselves stuck in?

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The Curacao Christmas is a sweet story. I flew through it and easily lost myself to a few hours of calm distraction with a fun story that really didn’t require too much mental effort on my part.

With Abbie and Lucas, Lisa Chalmers has given us two likeable characters that are easy to cheer on. These two have been best friends for a number of years and both remark on being in ‘the friend zone’. They each are aware of it, but Lucas is the more determined of the two that it is time to change the situation.

I enjoyed the interaction between these two people. This is a gentle, easy to read romance with neither of the two main characters being excessive in their personalities. I did find that Abbie was a bit silly at times and I wished she would give Lucas a bit more of a chance, but she wasn’t over the top or annoying about it as some can be. And I found Lucas extremely likeable.

I especially liked the descriptions of the places that the characters visited. I thought Lisa Chalmers did a great job of painting the picture of their adventures, such as their snorkelling trips. And I found it particularly amusing that both Abbie and Lucas seemed to have an addiction to charcuterie boards! It is their go-to meal of choice and makes a regular (perhaps daily?) appearance in their holiday diet.

The Curacao Christmas is a light, easy to read story that will leave you smiling. It does stop very suddenly, but everything had been resolved by that point so it didn’t really matter. I definitely enjoyed spending my afternoon with my nose buried in this story.

Thank you to the author and BookSirens for my copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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