Accidentally Hitched: An Accidental Marriage Romance by Piper Sullivan

Series: Accidental Hookups #1
Warnings: Language

Viviana has been living in Chicago for nearly 10 years. But after her best friends swindled her company out from under her, she has decided it is time to come home to Belle Musique, a town on the outskirts of New Orleans, where she grew up.

Nash Boudreaux is her new next door neighbour and the father of 8 year old Norah. The way ’Vivi’ first comes across Nash is by walking Norah home, after Norah has come investigating and then stayed for a while. It is the first of many visits, with Norah becoming a regular at Vivi’s house.

Nash is a bit suspicious of Viviana and her friendship with his daughter to start with, as he can’t understand why Viviana is ok to spend all day with Norah. He struggles with trying to work out what she wants from him. He doesn’t really know her, as although they first knew each other back in high school, but they weren’t close friends.

Viviana started writing erotic novels while going through the court case against her friends, following the takeover of her business. In her own words, “I wrote three novels that became kind of a big deal. But a year after the third one was published, book four still sat on my laptop with a scant fifty pages to it. I was blocked. And exhausted mentally. So, I’d decided to pack up my lifestyle in Chicago and bring myself and my brown bunny, Lollipop, back home to Belle Musique to get my mojo back.”

So, Viviana is spending a lot of time at home. And that in turn is giving her plenty of time to hang around with Norah, and plenty of opportunities to bump into Nash next door.

Nash also works from home, creating custom wooden furniture. I enjoyed this part of his story, as while I was reading the intricate descriptions of his designs, I found myself attempting to picture the pieces that he was creating.

I also found I really liked Nash’s relationship with his daughter. It was well handled & I liked that side of him. I was sometimes annoyed by the way he handled the relationship with Viviana though. He was at times seemingly totally clueless. And then at other times I felt like I needed a bit more description to understand him and that he wasn’t clueless as much as we just weren’t being told what he was thinking.

Another important character in the story is Viviana’s Aunty Mae. She is the twin sister of Viviana’s mum and she had stepped in to help raise Viviana when her mum “couldn’t be bothered with parenthood”.

Mae runs a shop, Voodoo Does It Right. She is a very colourful character. I found myself being able to picture her and her pushy (in a nice way) methods very clearly in my imagination.

Aunty Mae sucks both Nash and Viviana into ‘volunteering’ to be part of her Prosperity Ritual, as part of the town’s solstice celebration ceremony. This of course means Viviana and Nash spend extra time together rehearsing, and it brings them closer together.

This is a fun book. Decidedly quirky, even a little bit odd-ball at times, but all in a good way.

And Viviana is an amusing character. Definitely a strong woman. And she has a potty mouth. It’s not at all done in an offensive way though; rather that she is a modern young woman, who simply doesn’t have much of a filter. Some of the things that she comes out with made me laugh out loud, in a startled sort of way.

But there are a few of points about the book that kind of had me scratching my head a bit. One was how Viviana had won her court battle against her friends and had been awarded $20 million as a result. (Never fear, I’m not giving the story away by sharing this – the writer tells the reader this on p2.) But then she goes on to not really take any notice of the fact that she’s now incredibly wealthy, for the rest of the story. She doesn’t scrimp anywhere, but she just kind of ignores it.

And the whole point of the book is that they’re ‘accidentally hitched’, but in the overall scheme of things, this point gets a surprisingly small amount of attention. I did find that a bit odd. It’s not detrimental to the story, but rather it seemed to me that it was only the focus of their story for a moment, as their story in general took over as being more important.

I enjoyed Nash and Viviana’s story and their colourful cast of supporting characters. I’m definitely curious to learn more, so I’ll be back to read more in the ‘Accidental Marriage’ series (available here from Amazon, in a box set). If you would like to see more books by Piper Sullivan, you can visit her website here.

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