A Taste of Sweetness by Kate Alexander

Publication date: 17 July 2020
Series: A Blossom Hills Romance #1
Warnings: physical and emotional abuse

A Taste of Sweetness grabbed my attention right from the start with a scene that I think everyone can relate to – the hissing sound of an impending explosion from a soft drink bottle. Nothing like a bit of shared discomfort to get you on side from the start.

I suspect we’ve all been there – that feeling of helplessness. And when you’re driving long distance when it happens? Nothing worse than knowing that the rest of your trip will be spent in sticky discomfort! (I once sat next to a dear friend who managed to squish a little sachet of jam in his pocket as our Flight to Bali was taxiing for take-off…that flight suddenly doubled in length!! But I digress. Let’s just say I sympathised with this character and move on…)

Zoey is on the move. She has left her old life behind, with a job she didn’t care about and a controlling ex-boyfriend, to begin a new life in Blossom Hills. She will be living near her best friend and is excited to be fulfilling her long held wish of opening her own bakery.

Tyler is Zoe’s new neighbour. He has moved home to Blossom Hills after having lived in Philadelphia. But life there hadn’t been working out the way he planned, so he came home to start over, reconnect with his family and old friends, and start his own business.

It quickly becomes apparent that there is a spark between Zoey and Tyler, but Zoey wants to move slowly. Tyler is keen, but he is respectful of Zoey’s wishes and lets her set the pace.

While all this is going on, we are also being introduced to Zoey & Tyler’s family and friends. They are all well represented, with strong personalities of their own. (As the book progressed, I was having little side bets with myself and as to which character will get their own story next, but I couldn’t pick it! They are all too well developed to have one who stood out more.) The supporting cast are fun and likeable characters and I found myself enjoying the scenes where they were involved.

All is progressing nicely for Zoe and Tyler until things go a bit haywire, with Zoe being the target of some trouble. The whole town rallies around to take care of her, with Kyle at the front of the pack.

You will have to read the book yourself to find out what happens next, but when you do, you will find a well paced story with enough happy moments and funny sibling banter to appeal to most people who enjoy a happy romance story. Toss in a bit of tension from a background mystery and you have my sort of book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Zoey and Tyler’s story and I am looking forward to seeing who is next up from the Blossom Hills cast. For me, this one is a definite 5 thumbs up.

Thank you to voraciousreadersonly.com and the author, Kate Alexander, for my copy of this book in return for my honest review.

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  1. Barbara, I am not a big fan of reading books but after reading your review about this wonderful book I can’t resist myself to order one and read the book. Thanks for sharing an amazing review🙂🙂


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