Player: A Thrilling Action Adventure Romance by Tia Louise

Publication date: 17 May 2016
Series: Dirty Players Book 2
Warnings: Violence, suggestions of abuse

I’m going to start this one off by saying if you’re not a fan of violence in your books, or if you prefer to stay away from references to (albeit unconfirmed) sexual abuse, then perhaps this isn’t the book for you.

There were multiple suggestions of possible abuse, as well as one scene (that I really didn’t see coming) that was very short, but quite gruesome. It was only a very small portion of the book overall, but I think it deserves mentioning upfront.

Having said that, I quite enjoyed this book by Tia Louise. This was a case of the second instalment in the series being better than the first.

We first met Cal and Zelda in Prince, book 1 of the Dirty Players series (click here to see my review), where I thought Cal stole the show. This time the story began with Zelda on the run from danger, and Cal on a mission to find and protect her.

I still love Cal’s character – he’s a lovable rogue prince with a cheeky side. As for Zelda, she’s a con artist, card shark and a thief. It makes for an interesting combo.

Zelda escaped danger at the end of book 1, and believes running is the best way to protect those she loves. But Cal isn’t buying this, and chases straight after her. And it doesn’t it take him long to find her.

But with Zelda standing firm in her belief that she can’t go back with Cal to (the fictional European country of) Monagasco, Cal must begin his campaign to win Zelda’s trust.

Unfortunately for the couple though, just when things look like they might finally be going their way, danger comes between the pair and the fight for Zelda’s life begins in earnest.

This story has some heavy duty intrigue undertones, and in more parts than not, it set a really good pace that kept me quickly flipping the pages to find out what would happen next. But hen in other parts, where the action really could have picked up, I thought the tension was a little light. Overall though, there was plenty going on, to hold my interest and attention.

If you’re a fan of a book with plenty of spicy moments, and don’t mind when the topic delve into some heavier moments, then this story will suit you.

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